When did this blog start?

This Blog started October, 19 2008

PS: This post is kinda useless but I didn’t want to forget when the blog started…again 🙂

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Happy Birthday Clubpenguin!

Hey Ggrasshopper here and today is Clubpenguins fifth birthday! So I went out to party on the server “Down Under” and it was AWESOME! I’m not really that impressed about the party this year, because it seems that the partys are getting worse and worse as they go on. But thats what I think. So heres some pictures of the Party!


Party Cake and Present

The Party Hat

If you click him,

You’ll get this!

If you blow out all the candles on the cake you will get this stamp!

All of my Party Hats!

Ok so I hope that you’re having as much fun as I had, Ok so…PEACE!



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New Pin, Bat Pin!

Hey Ggrasshopper here and this is my first post since i’m back. Not first post first REAL post. So the new pin is a bat pin and it’s hidden in the Cove. So thats pretty much all Ok so…PEACE!

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Im Back!

Hey Ggrasshopper here and you might of guessed, IM BACK! I have not really quit, I just took a “vacation.” I have been looking at the blog the past few days and it looks like that you still are looking at the blog… Well thank you! So the next update that Clubpenguin has this blog will be back up and running! Ok so…PEACE!

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Hey Ggrasshopper here and i’m kinda thinking about opening the blog again on it’s 3rd birthday, It wasn’t really quitting it was kind of just a break, vacation. So i’ll probably open it again October 19th so just stay tuned to this blog. It’s not over yet.

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The Last Post

Hey Ggrasshopper here and as you probably know this will be our last post to the blog, We might come back sometime in the future but not now. But I will still be on Facebook and Clubpenguin but i’m just leaving the blog. Ok so…PEACE.

10/19/08 – 9/25/10

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Quit or Not? You decide.

Hey Ggrasshopper here and im thinking about quitting this blog, not actually quitting but ill still be on clubpenguin but still. So ill make a vote. Will this be my last post? Or not. You decide.

Poll = Open

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Hey Ggrasshopper here and I have not been really keeping up with this blog but I couldn’t really keep up with it much but now Ill be posting all of the updates tommorow so…PEACE!

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